Cold worked profiles

Depending on the material, shape and end use, we have a number of opportunities to offer cold-drawn or cold-rolled special profiles. Starting with a near net shape profile compared to process a standard material does not only give smaller proportion of scrap, less wear on tools and reduced processing time, but can also provide environmental benefits as carrying weight is lower.


Material saving

Profiles with dimensions that are close to the final design mean large savings in material and production time.

Great opportunities

Simple profiles in carbon steel, alloy steel, boron steel and brass are offered from our principals in England, Spain, Italy and Germany, who also have the opportunity to further process the product, for example by annealing, stress relief heat treatment, hardening or normalising.

Slightly more complex cold-drawn or cold-rolled profiles, as well as profiles in more high-alloyed and exotic materials such as stainless materials, titanium alloys and nickel-base alloys, are offered from our principals Osborn Metals Ltd., Zapp Precision Metals GmbH, J.G.Dahmen & Co KG as well as Le Guellec SA.


Our principals are certified according to EN ISO 9001, and several of the producers also have extended certifications within, for example, automotive and aerospace.

Flexibility in design

The producers design and manufacture all tools themselves with sophisticated CAD/CAM systems and can help our customers find an optimal solution.


Cold-formed profiles produce a product with very good surface quality. Cold forming normally also results in higher strength properties, but if, for example, a detail is to be bent, it is also possible to heat treat the product to better fit the intended end use.



Carbon steel
Alloyed steel
Boron steel
Stainless steel
Titanium and Titanium alloys
Nickel base alloys


Depending on product and condition


Cold drawn
Cold rolled
Cold worked and heat treated

Delivery time

As we mainly work with small and medium-sized manufacturers, the flexibility is often great when it comes to adapting production to the customer's specification and wishes.