Powder metallurgical steel

Our principals Zapp Precision Metals GmbH Tooling Alloys, member of the Zapp-group, are European distributors of CPM® powder metallurgical tool steels from Crucible Industries (USA). These materials represent the optimum in steel technology. Thanks to the special manufacturing process, powder-metallurgical steel fulfills the highest requirements. PM steel often greatly improves machine service life.




Higher alloy levels can be manufactured while maintaining good mechanical characteristics.


The uniform distribution of carbides and absence of metallurgical defects improve fracture and fatigue strength.


Higher carbide volume increases resistance to both abrasive and adhesive wear.


Machining ability is improved as a result of the small globular carbides.


PM steels are free from segregation leading to substantially improved dimensional stability.


The highest possible degree of purity, “ultra-clean”, results in excellent machinability and outstanding erosion properties.



Is a tough, wear resistant hot work steel with a high hardness potential.
Blanking and punching, even for thicker sheet metals. Hot heading dies, dies and forging tools, thread rolling tools, plastic injection dies and inserts, extrusion moulding.


Cold work tool steel with high toughness and wear resistance.
Blanking and punching, even for thicker sheet metals. Fin blanking, dies and forging tools, thread rolling tools, hole punches, industrial knives and rollers, tools and inserts in the plastic processing industry.


High wear resistant hot work tool steel.
Cold and hot roll forming, wire rolling, rolling ill rolls, high speed metal cutting tools, dies for cold and semi cold extrusion, embossing dies, sinter pressing tools, shearing and deburring tools.

CPM® 10V

Cold work tool steel with outstanding wear resistance, toughness, hardness properties as well as excellent cutting edge stability.
Punching Tools, fine blanking Tools, punch dies, knife blades for cutting, shearing and deburring, sinter press dies and wear parts.

CPM® 15V

Cold work tool steel with extremely high wear resistance.
Blanking and punching Tools for thin sheets, tools for powder pressing industry, extrusion dies and hole punching tools, knifes for cutting foil, film and paper, rotary cutters.

CPM® Rex M4

High speed steel with high wear resistance and cutting edge stability.
Cutting tools, fine blanking tools, rotary shears, broaching tools, reamers, milling tools. 

CPM® Rex T15

High speed steel with high degree of hardness, outstanding wear resistance and good elevated temperature hardness.
Milling tools, broaches, reamers, thread taps, twist drills.

CPM® Rex 76

High speed steel with outstanding elevated temperature hardness. Used especially for special tools of machining difficult materials.
Cylindrical milling cutters, en milling, broaches, reamers, thread taps, gear cutting tools.

CPM® Rex 121

High speed steel designed to offer a combination of the highest wear resistance, attainable hardness, and red hardness available in a high speed steel.   
Cutting tools for highest quality, end mills, tool bits, broaching tools. 

CPM® 420V

Highly corrosion and wear resistant PM tool steel.
Used in the food and plastic industry, chemical industry, rubber processing, valves, shafts, rollers.

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CPM® is a registered trademark of Crucible Industries (USA)