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Aluminium roller tubes

We can offer a wide range of aluminum roller tubes directly from our stock in Halmstad or from our German partner. The tubes can be delivered in random lengths or cut according to customer specification. The grades we offer are ROTAL (extruded and drawn), and PLUS (extruded).

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Stainless Precision Bars

Our stainless precision bars offered from stock are generally produced by Zapp Precision Metals GmbH. Their ERGESTE®-grades are known for high quality. We stock ERGSTE® 1.4035YU, 1.4197YU, 1.4305UA, 1.4404UA, 1.4441LA, 1.4542GG (type 17-4PH) and DUPLEX 1.4462.

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Direct hardening alloy steels

We stock cold drawn quenched and tempered bars in steel grades 25CrMoS4, 34CrNiMo6 and 42CrMoS4 in Halmstad. The material is treated for improved machinability.

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Titanium and titanium alloys

We keep a wide range of titanium and titanium alloys suitable for medical implants in our stock. The material is mainly produced by Zapp Precision Metals GmbH. Their ERGITAN®-quality is by many users considered among the best on the market. We keep stock of pure titanium medical grade 2 and grade 4, plus titanium alloy medical grade 5 (23).

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Specialty Materials (ZAPP)

Zapp Materials Engineering GmbH stock a wide range of specialty materials in bars, plates, tubes, billets and welding consumables. As being European distributor of materials from Haynes International Inc. (USA) we can offer materials such as HASTELLOY®, HAYNES® och ULTIMET®.

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Freecutting Steel

From our producing and stockholding partner in UK we supply freecutting steels in grades 11SMn30 (SS.1912-04) and 11SMnPb30 (SS.1914-04).

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