Renewable Energy

In order to optimize the use of our renewable energy sources, sun, wind and water, we have to place high demands on the selection of materials used for these applications. In solar energy it can be polished stainless steel strip with highly reflecting mirror-finish for solar panels. High quality bearings with lowest friction for wind energy, and corrosion resistant specialty materials capable of working at high pressure in sea water for use in water power plants.
All of these energy sources also rely on a well functioning distribution net for electricity using high voltage cables. 


Solar Energy

  • Precision strip for reflectors and connectors.
  • Tubes for heat exchangers.
  • Steel and metal frames for solar panels and discs.
  • High temperature materials.

Wind Power

  • Bearing steels
  • Steels for fasteners.
  • Precision strip for subsea cables.
  • Wire for cables.


Water Power

  • Corrosion resistant materials.
  • Pressure vessel steel
  • Tube and fittings
  • Special profiles for valves and pumps.