We supply products in forms of wire, bar, profile, strip, plate and tube for the medical industry. Martensitic and austenitic stainless steels for medical instruments, special stainless steels, cobalt-alloys and titanium for medical implants. Light weight materials and alloys for orthopaedic aids. Parts for syringes, braces, wheelchairs and crutches. Materials for hospital interiors and furniture.
Through our principals service centre and our own warehouse in Halmstad we have access to one of the broadest metal stock programs available on the market for the medical industry!



0,7 - 100 mm
drawn, peeled, ground, polished
chamfered, centered, pointed
annealed, cold worked, stress released
straightness 0,5 mm/m on demand up to 0,2 mm/m
special surface roughness up to < 0,3 µm
ISO 286-2 in tolerances ISO h11 to ISO h05
Integrated crack detection


0,07 - 20 mm
bright drawn, diamond drawn, specially coated
ISO 286-2 in tolerances ISO h11 to ISO h05
crack detected products


0,3 x 0,3 mm - 63 x 6,35 mm
milled, rolled, drawn
dull, bright, extreme bright
square, hexagonal, octagonal
1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 tube
implant-special shapes
"near net shape"
precision profile according drawing
water jet cut blank

Precision strip

thickness 0,02 - 2,5 mm, width 2 - 1066 mm
sheets up to 6,00 mm thickness
cold worked, final annealed



square or in circular blanks
water jet cutted



thin-walled, seamless
drawn, ground



Austenitic AISI 316LVM 1.4441
Austenitic Alloy 734 1.4472
Austenitic nickel free 9.9007
Co-Ni-Cr-Mo-Alloy Implant 9.9035
Co-Cr-Mo Forging Alloy 9.9135
Co-Cr-W-Ni-Alloy 9.9605
Pure Titanium grade 1 3.7025
Pure Titanium grade 2 3.7035
Pure Titanium grade 3 3.7055
Pure Titanium grade 4 3.7065
Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V ELI 3.7165
Titanium Alloy Ti15Mo 9.9150
Titanium Alloy Ti6AlNb7 9.6367



Martensitic 13%Cr AISI 420A 1.4021
Martensitic 13%Cr AISI 420B 1.4028
Martensitic 13%Cr AISI 420X 1.4031
Martensitic 13%Cr AISI 420C 1.4034
Martensitic 13%Cr AISI 420C(+S) 1.4035
Martensitic 13%Cr AISI 420F mod. 1.4197
Martensitic 17%Cr AISI 430F 1.4104
Martensitic 17%Cr AISI 431 1.4057
Martensitic 17%Cr AISI 440A 9.9440
Martensitic 17%Cr AISI 440B 1.4112
Martensitic 17%Cr 1.4122
Martensitic 17%Cr 1.4123
Martensitic 17%Cr AISI 440C 1.4125


Special Alloy 17-4 PH 1.4542
Special Alloy 17-7 PH 1.4568
Special Alloy XM-16 Alloy 455 1.4543
Austenitic spring steel 1.4310



Austenitic nickel-free 1.4456
Co-Ni-Cr-Mo-Alloy dental 9.9035
Ferritic 1.4105
Austenitic 1.4301
Austenitic 1.4303
Austenitic 1.4305
Austenitic 1.4306
Austenitic 1.4571

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