HASTELLOY® for chemical process industry

From our principals Zapp Materials Engineering GmbH we offer one of the markets largest portfolio of specialty materials for the chemical process industry. Round bars, plates, tubes and welding consumables are supplied.

Among the broad range of nickel alloys supplied by Zapp such as Alloy 20, Alloy 201, Alloy 400, Alloy 600/601 (Inconel), Alloy 625, Alloy 718, Alloy 800H, Alloy 825 there are also the HASTELLOY®-series of Haynes International Inc., HASTELLOY® B-3® alloy, HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® alloy, HASTELLOY® C-4 alloy, HASTELLOY® C-22® alloy, HASTELLOY® C-22HS® alloy, HASTELLOY® C-276 alloy, HASTELLOY® C-2000® alloy, HASTELLOY® G-35® alloy.

Zapps technicians are ready to assist us in the choice of material that fulfils the specific needs of a certain application.

JW: 2016-09-14